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Jan 29, 2024

Ishmael must sneak past the floating fecund cordon to reach the refugee camp and warn them of the oncoming disaster. But tensions are running high enough in the camp without an inhuman and eclipsing threat to spice matters up.

There's precious little time to organize the survivors, and without organization, losses are...

Jan 23, 2024

Listen in if you're owed physical rewards!

Jan 22, 2024

A DAS long-range team executes a precision strike on an important Fecundity site, but what unfolds from the assault suggests circumstances far more dire and strange than even Muninn had bargained for.

Music Credits:
White Bat Audio - Agent Cooper
White Bat Audio - Patrol Bot
White Bat Audio - Creeping Fog
White Bat...

Jan 15, 2024

In which Ben and Rob discuss the Homecoming Arc of Season 3.

Jan 10, 2024

The members and crew of 401(I'm Not O)K have gained something they proufoundly wish they didn't have-- the attention of an unspeakable creature of the Fecundity.

Outmatched as rats in a barrel, they must grasp at whatever desperate chances they can.

Music Credits:
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
MacLeod - Heart of the...