With Pierce mysteriously vanished, Kiera and Mitch must contend with the Red Game, but hope to make contact with Marcus to secure a numbers advantage.

Meanwhile, Pierce comes face-to-face with Muninn, who's come bearing disturbing revelations.

Music Credits:
Alexander Nakarada - Foam Rubber
Three Chain Links - Magic Hour
whiteydoesdubstep - Bass and Violin - A Perfect Pair (Dubstep) extreme bass remix
Naoya Sakamata - Senkou - Dark Classic
Fatal Injection - Untitled 2
Fatal Injection - Untitled 5
Kevin MacLeod - Anxiety
Kai Engel - Tumult
Derrick Billups - Let's Go
Myuu - Friday the 13th
Kevin MacLeod - Unease Piano
Three Chain Links - Aether
Three Chain Links - Feverish
Kai Engel - Delirium
Kevin MacLeod - The Hive
Alexander Nakarada - Crossroads
Derrick Billups - Harmonic
Kai Engel - Touch the Darkness
Three Chain Links - Gaining Traction
Opening and Closing Themes by Nathan Kross and Rob Stith

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