The Game

The ORPHEUS Protocol is an occult espionage RPG in which you play as covert paramilitary operatives that complete dangerous missions with the aid of supernatural abilities, but risk losing their humanity in the use of their powers. It runs on an original rules system focused on difficult choices and resource management. If campaigns spanning cult infiltration, private military conflicts, occult research, monster hunting, and more sound interesting, The ORPHEUS Protocol is a game you might well enjoy.

The ORPHEUS Protocol is a game in development by Vârcolac Press. Beta rules available below. Updates on the development process, along with other musings that frustrate categorization, are available in the Vârcolac Press blog.

The ORPHEUS Protocol Core Rules beta v3
The ORPHEUS Protocol Archetypes beta v3

The game is currently under a heavy development iteration, in version 3.0 as of 9/19/2018.

Also, forgive us the sloppy formatting; we intend on releasing a much prettier PDF later on, when development on the game is less aggressive. At about that same time, we intend on releasing a worthwhile character sheet, as well.