It's been a long time since I've written here, but that's for as close to a good reason (or excuse) as I'm likely to manage. In the interest of pulling back the curtain as far as can be done while maintaining decency, I thought I'd quickly let everyone know some of the things brewing at ORPHEUS HQ:

Recording is moving along nicely: The material we have recorded ahead is quite a bit more substantial than what's been released so far.

Work on version 2 of the rules is slow and meticulous but progressing well. A partial list of new features include:

*Improvements to how Strain impacts Knowledge and Awareness checks, meant not only for verisimilitude but also to raise the stakes of Strain management in these contexts on both the risk and reward ends.

*A more structured Backgrounds setup with options for customization.

*Substantially expanded resource management options for between-adventure down-times, creating a more challenging (but more potentially rewarding) set of decisions to make.

*Re-balancing (and often renaming) of Skills, bonuses, and more concerning Focus (formerly Clarity). In general, Mental attacks/defenses were rare and the associated Skills were feeling underpowered. Discipline (the new defensive skill against Mental Damage) has added functionality to allow operatives to suppress their reaction to horrors they encounter, and allow greater presence of mind while under fire.

*An enormous rewrite of the archetypes, vastly improving the inter-archetype balance and making some more lackluster abilities more fun and worthwhile.

*Numerous other, smaller changes.

Needless to say, we'll be excited to get this update out to you as soon as it's been completed and vetted.

Thank you all for listening, and I'll be glad to continue bringing you more quality content.

-The Director