Well, here we go. After months of game development, recording and editing, and nightmarish scheduling conflicts, The ORPHEUS Protocol is launching its website, featuring our actual play podcast.

While "The Shudder" functions as a stand-alone horror tale, it also serves as prologue to a much larger, much grander-scope campaign, which will begin releasing right after the fourth and final episode of "The Shudder" (Don't miss that one, by the way, it gets *bonkers*).

I hope you enjoy "The Shudder," and all the goodness -- and badness -- that comes after. It's truly my hope to provide an Occult Espionage Epic in Actual Play form, a dark journey unfolding over many months.

As for this blog, I reserve the right to ramble on any ORPHEUS or ORPHEUS-adjacent topic in general. But in more specific terms, I intend on occasionally releasing a Developer's Diary podcast wherein I discuss (in pieces small enough to be digestible) the development process behind the game and the philosophies that led to the mechanics taking shape as they have. While this will be in no way required for enjoyment of the podcast proper, the more design-curious among you could find something there. Look for updates in the near future on that front.

-The Director