The ORPHEUS Protocol has been replaced in iTunes by an unrelated show called "Moron Gaming." The normal channels of support are useless. Refreshing the RSS URL through Podcasts Connect doesn't work; it's automatically replaced with the "Moron Gaming" RSS, regardless of platform.

They've been receiving reports of this issue from multiple users for over 9 days. They have responded to NO ONE.

I spent most of the last 2 days on the phone with Apple, and finally spoke with a higher-up supervisor. Even she is unwilling to contact the Podcasts Support team (the group solely responsible for fixing this issue), but suggested that I contact everyone I can in order to flood the Podcasts Support team with emails and negative feedback via the Apple Feedback form. If enough people contact them, the company itself will take notice of the failures of the Podcast Team.


I'm providing links to copy/pasteable forms below, along with the places they are to be sent. I'm begging every single listener, fan, and friend to contact Apple via the following two methods.


This form (into which you should insert your name where indicated) is to email to:

And this form is the "subject" and "comments" text for a feedback form at:


Thank you, one and all, for helping raise awareness of this issue. You are all truly esteemed operatives of ORPHEUS.

In case you missed it...

I recently had the distinct pleasure of hosting an ORPHEUS Protocol game for Cthulhu and Friends on their side quest feed. To check out this investigative descent into chaos and bloodletting, click below:

Episode 1

Episode 2

Theme Music

Some people seemed interested in the theme music for the show, so I'm thinking why not post the opening/closing theme in its uncut glory, along with the horror soundscape that's been mysteriously popping up in a few different episodes?

Both tracks were composed by myself and my good friend Nathan for a movie project that's still in a sort of limbo, so I've made (better) use of the music now.


How Time Flies...

It's been a long time since I've written here, but that's for as close to a good reason (or excuse) as I'm likely to manage. In the interest of pulling back the curtain as far as can be done while maintaining decency, I thought I'd quickly let everyone know some of the things brewing at ORPHEUS HQ:

Recording is moving along nicely: The material we have recorded ahead is quite a bit more substantial than what's been released so far.

Work on version 2 of the rules is slow and meticulous but progressing well. A partial list of new features include:

*Improvements to how Strain impacts Knowledge and Awareness checks, meant not only for verisimilitude but also to raise the stakes of Strain management in these contexts on both the risk and reward ends.

*A more structured Backgrounds setup with options for customization.

*Substantially expanded resource management options for between-adventure down-times, creating a more challenging (but more potentially rewarding) set of decisions to make.

*Re-balancing (and often renaming) of Skills, bonuses, and more concerning Focus (formerly Clarity). In general, Mental attacks/defenses were rare and the associated Skills were feeling underpowered. Discipline (the new defensive skill against Mental Damage) has added functionality to allow operatives to suppress their reaction to horrors they encounter, and allow greater presence of mind while under fire.

*An enormous rewrite of the archetypes, vastly improving the inter-archetype balance and making some more lackluster abilities more fun and worthwhile.

*Numerous other, smaller changes.

Needless to say, we'll be excited to get this update out to you as soon as it's been completed and vetted.

Thank you all for listening, and I'll be glad to continue bringing you more quality content.

-The Director




Everyone Loves a Campaign

Okay, maybe not everyone. But I sure as hell do. "The Shudder" functions as a prologue to the ORPHEUS campaign proper, which I'm pleased to say will make its debut on Monday, December 19, 2016.

"The Shudder" was spooky (and icky!) fun, but this podcast was conceived from the beginning to tell a story of sweeping scope, from many vantage points. Not only does a long-form campaign allow us to explore such a story, but is uniquely well-suited to:

1) The kind of wheels-within-wheels, cloak and dagger convolutions expected of an espionage story

2) The slow simmer of dread, and occasional boiling over of outright terror, a longer-form horror narrative can provide

And last, but not least:

3) Organic and meaningful character development such as only a tabletop campaign can offer.

I can't wait for all you folks to meet Kiera, Mitch, and Pierce. As someone fortunate enough to have journeyed with them through many horrors, triumphs, and tragedies, I'm positively giddy for the chance to introduce them to the world.

Stay tuned for much much more.

-The Director


Well, here we go. After months of game development, recording and editing, and nightmarish scheduling conflicts, The ORPHEUS Protocol is launching its website, featuring our actual play podcast.

While "The Shudder" functions as a stand-alone horror tale, it also serves as prologue to a much larger, much grander-scope campaign, which will begin releasing right after the fourth and final episode of "The Shudder" (Don't miss that one, by the way, it gets *bonkers*).

I hope you enjoy "The Shudder," and all the goodness -- and badness -- that comes after. It's truly my hope to provide an Occult Espionage Epic in Actual Play form, a dark journey unfolding over many months.

As for this blog, I reserve the right to ramble on any ORPHEUS or ORPHEUS-adjacent topic in general. But in more specific terms, I intend on occasionally releasing a Developer's Diary podcast wherein I discuss (in pieces small enough to be digestible) the development process behind the game and the philosophies that led to the mechanics taking shape as they have. While this will be in no way required for enjoyment of the podcast proper, the more design-curious among you could find something there. Look for updates in the near future on that front.

-The Director